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Frequently asked questions
Is this whitepaper set in stone?
It is not! Hash Game Store is still evolving and many things may change in the future.
Developers will make less money on each resale. Why should they accept the offer?
  • The majority of sales happens in the first couple of months after launch. Keeping this in mind, the initial sales volume will actually grow as players are more likely to buy games (and at a higher price) when they know they can get part of their investment back later on.
  • With reselling being encouraged over longer periods of time after the game's launch, developers can also enjoy a longer-lasting and more sustainable source of revenue.
  • With highly detailed data analysis, it will be possible for developers to adjust their price and resale revenue model so that they can maximize both revenue and player happiness.
Why are you beginning on Polygon?
Ethereum has a huge following, is one of the most secure networks, and also has one of the biggest digital asset markets. That being said, high gas fees compromise its scalability.
Polygon is a Layer 2 solution built over Ethereum, focused on reducing gas fees to but a few cents at worst while also being the most developer-friendly Ethereum scaling solution.
Operating between Polygon and Ethereum is extremely easy and we want to be prepared for the potential of the Ethereum 2.0 merge should it warrant a migration.
Does the user need a cryptowallet to use HGS?
If you already have a wallet, you can use it.
If you don't, Hash Game Store takes care of it! When you create a profile, a wallet will be automatically created. The user-friendly approach allows users to export their cryptoassets into their own cryptocurrency wallet at any time and deleting it from our servers, assuring maximum decentralization for anyone who wishes it.
How do players access the game if your platform is down?
The downloading of games is not handled on our side, it instead uses a decentralized file distribution system called IPVS. To access games if the platform goes down, players must simply check their game's smart-contract information for the download link and they'll still be able to acquire its files and launch the game.
What determines the resale price? Is any price possible? Can I sell for nothing?
Players will be able to resell their games at any price they wish. That being said, only the lowest priced key can be purchased from the marketplace ensuring players can't escape the developers' royalties and the system stays fair for both parties.
Isn't the blockchain environmentally unfriendly?
It is extremely important to the team that innovation doesn't come at the cost of the planet's health. This is one of the reasons we've chosen to begin building on the Polygon blockchain (a carbon neutral chain) - to ensure our solution is sustainable.
With the recent Ethereum Merge, most Ethereum-based chains have also become substantially less energy-consuming.
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