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For Developers

Lowest Fees

Hash Game Store will charge the lowest fees over game sales compared to big players like Steam or Epic Games, who charge 30% and 12%, respectively.

Decentralized Anti-Piracy Mechanisms

Since game ownership is validated by blockchain technology, only players with an official game key will be able to enter the game. Most developers don't want to face risk of losing revenue due to piracy and illegal downloads.

Innovative Revenue Model - Sales & Resales

Developers will generate revenue from every sale as well as every resale through our platform. Not only will the sale royalties for developers be very close to 100%, but developers will be able to control several resale parameters.
By managing deterministic parameters like revenue sharing, resale restrictions and others, developers can build strategies to maximize both revenue and community satisfaction.

Reselling Restrictions

Most game sales occur in the first couple of months after its launch. To avoid immediate price decreases due to over-reselling, developers may want to implement resale limitations such as dynamic resell royalties after the game is purchased. This protects high sale volumes in the initial months, meaning it won't affect developer's gross sales.

Limited Editions

By being on the blockchain, game keys can be transparently unique.
Limited assets with high demand create speculative resale markets with rising prices, thus providing developers additional revenue streams. It also establishes new speculative investment channels that both developers and players can profit from.