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HASH Token

Token Utilities

The HASH Token allows users to interact with the platform and reach its full potential. All products can be acquired and paid for using our token: games, in-game items and, in the future, even second-hand marketplace items (although certain FIAT and cryptocurrencies will also be supported payment methods).
One big advantage of holding HASH is being a part of our community. This value proposition stands for both players and developers. Here are the token's main utilities:
  • Governance of the platform
  • Incentives / rewards on the storefront
  • Purchasing of games and microtransactions
  • Staking rewards
  • Community growth

Platform Rewards & Incentives

Users can also earn separate rewards on the platform by:
  • Interacting with the platform's games.
  • Participating in our advertising campaigns.
  • Contributing to the community's growth.
These rewards include benefits such as:
  • Free HASH tokens.
  • Discounted and, in some cases, even free games.
  • Exclusive releases and in-game items.