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For Players

Game Ownership

It is truly important for us that players own their games. Every game sold in our platform is a resellable asset owned by the player - this grants power to the players, who will now have full control over their assets and licenses.

Game Resales

Our platform will allow players to resell every game license in their library through the blockchain, thus allowing gamers to get some of their initial investment back.

Decentralized Downloads

Even if the platform goes down, players will always be able to download and play their favorite games through our decentralized download model (you can learn more about this in the Technology section).


How can games be sold, distributed and resold without compromising safety and ensuring no one bypasses the system? The answer is simple: through decentralization. Most of Hash Game Store's features will rely on decentralized technology, maximizing transparency for every user over their assets and transactions. The Web 3.0 implementation and innovative paradigm will be the key to our success.