Token Distribution

  • Total Supply: 100.000.000
  • Supply for the public sale: 2.000.000 (2.0%)
  • Seed Round Price: TBA
  • Public Sale Price: TBA

Token Sale

  • Private Sales (20%) --> Tokens that will be used in investment rounds to onboard valuable investors and finance our project's development.
  • Public Sale (2%) --> Tokens that will be available for community members to stake in and get governance rights over time.


  • Liquidity Mining (12%) --> Players can stake their money to provide liquidity and receive tokens and other perks over time.
  • Liquidity (5%) --> Part of our investment round will be allocated to our liquidity pool.


  • Community Interactions (4%) --> Encourage community participation through airdrops, giveaways and referral coupons to expand it.
  • Content Acquisition (10%) --> Fraction of tokens used to attract developers into exclusive (or otherwise) partnerships with HGS. Purchase content with quality to distribute and build a big community of players. Support discounts of attractive games for the initial platform kick-off.