Attracting Developers

To ensure developers come to our platform, we have developed a special program that will permanently benefit early adopters: The Pioneer Program.

Introducing: The Pioneer Program

Note: Developer fees are not final.
  • Fees: Pioneers will not have to pay any fees (forever) on any of their games (unlimited number of games) and can use our platform entirely for free.
  • Marketing: Pioneers will have a free marketing budget allowance every month, and a guaranteed spot on a section featured on the store's front page.
  • Support: Pioneers will enjoy the highest priority regarding tech support and can even ask HGS to develop custom revenue share models (which come in the form of smart-contracts) free of charge and any doubt they may have about our technology.
  • Marketing Headliner: Games will be featured on Hash Game Store’s marketing campaigns and websites.
  • Sponsored Giveaways: We’ll sponsor occasional giveaways of pioneers’ game copies on our platform to their community.

Additional Perks

  • Token Discounts: Pioneers can buy tokens at a discounted price.
  • Development Council: Pioneers can get involved in the development of the platform and give feedback on which features they want to see implemented or improved. A DAO structure can be an option in the future.
  • Early Test Features: Pioneers always have early access to any developer features we may be testing and will be the first to give input on them.