Our Team

Hash Game Store's executive core team is made of young talented entrepreneurs with different backgrounds and a tremendous potential concerning the future ahead.


Pedro Ribeiro Pedro is a videogame developer with roots in Software Engineering and Design, and is releasing his game 'Idle Paladin' soon. He has a strong presence and vision for the gaming industry, with an extensive network of game developers and publishers as well as blockchain programming know-how. Leandro Duarte Leandro is a young entrepreneur with background in Applied Mathematics, Computation and programming. He created and sold his first company - an online tutoring center. Due to his experience, he has been chosen to be our project manager. João Miranda João is deep into the crypto ecosystem: he has been interested in the Web3 area for years and is our investigation lead with knowledge in a large variety of blockchain protocols. He has led the writing of a 60-page whitepaper on blockchain technology and industry and helps the team stay on top of the ecosystem's news. Joana Alves Joana is our passionate wildcard: she has a background in Management and is the sales and partnerships lead on the biggest hackathon in Portugal. She has a special fondness for the business management and strategy area. She's also specializing in Tokenomics and fostering relationships with our key partners.

Advisory Board

We are privileged to have the assistance of powerful board advisors who consistently give us precious introductions and insights in areas we view as strategically important.
Gonçalo Perdigão Strategy and management consultant for 7 years. Co-founder & owner of 2 UK award-winning technology start-ups. Scientist for the European Space Agency and the University of Cambridge. Director at Telco & Entertainment, Fintech and Retail companies for more than 10 years. Vast experience scaling startups and an enthusiast of Web3 since 2016.
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