Attracting Players

Attracting players will require a joint effort from both Hash Game Store and its developers. Here are some of the strategies that will be used to promote user adoption of the platform:

Pioneer Duties

Developers on the pioneer program will be tasked with a few simple steps to help promote Hash Game Store:
  • Games: Developers launch and post the latest updates of their games on HGS.
  • Social Media & Community: Developers will coordinate with Hash Game Store to advertise the platform as a home for their games at key moments in the platform’s development, such as launch, open beta, etc.. so that they can attract their communities to HGS.
  • Press release: Developers should be able to launch a co-joint press release with HGS about their presence on the platform and new games releases.
  • Quotes: Developers should share some quotes about the advantages of using HGS. These quotes will be used for marketing and awareness purposes
  • Special content: Developers and HGS should do their best to create relevant content for HGS cross-promotion (primarly through social media presence).

Additional Campaigns

  • Referral Race: Every week, the top 5 users who can bring more paying friends to the platform will get rewarded with HGS Tokens. This program isn’t scalable for large quantities of players, so a second referral program will be put in place later on.
  • Referral Rewards Program: every player who brings friends to the platform will earn 2% of any amount spent by the people they bring on and 1% from the people who get brought on by the people they invited.

Social Media

There will also be multiple channels through which we will attract the core gaming audience, namely Discord, Twitter and Telegram. More competitions like the referral race program will be put in place to ensure social media growth.