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Q4 --> 2022

  • Start our seed investment round;
  • Develop functional prototype for closed-alpha testing;
  • Get further feedback from developers and publishers.

Q1 --> 2023

  • Research and define legal product conditions;
  • Begin working on product-market fit;
  • Grow our community through marketing campaigns;
  • Establish key developer and publisher partnerships for non-Web3 games.

Q2 --> 2023

  • Start adding developer-requested features to alpha version of the platform;
  • Start non-Web3 game onboarding and testing of new games.

Q3 --> 2023

  • Start adding community-requested features to alpha version of the platform;
  • Get our smart-contracts audited by an expert company.

Q4 --> 2023

  • Release beta version of Hash Game Store to the public;
  • Establish key developer partnerships for Web3 games;

Q1 --> 2024

  • Onboard Web3 games to the platform;
  • Implement testing feedback into beta version of the platform;
  • Start Public Sale on decentralized exchanges.

Q2 --> 2024

  • Implement in-game item marketplace with blockchain integration;
  • Join centralized exchanges.